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transforming the creative experience

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Take the master class and start creating world-class songs
go from "baby, I love you" to distilling meaningful lyrics that hook your audience on



"Music was my therapy. In the studio, I hit a different kind of high. A high born from the channelling of all energy to create something my audience would love and enjoy connecting with. I have walked out of depressing storms quicker than I would expect, luckily, because I found my perfect remedy. Most creatives would understand that. Music saved my life. As creatives, we also get fulfilled knowing that we birth a great piece and told a story. A story fashioned by tapping into the depths of who and where we are, to share our being with the world we are yet to discover. Loopyvox helps you skip through that labyrinth to discover how much more you can do!" J®EB



There is no service tailored to the need of the developing artist in such a way that it is both cohesive and progressive from the beginning to the end. In the world of the rising independent artist, where creatives are taking their development into their own hands, and developing strategies to acquire the relevant knowledge to grow and develop in their music career, we are faced with the challenge of disjointed learning that isn't tailored to your specific learning journey. Join Loopyvox, where we walk with you as you go through your creative process.

What you get in our Programs

Here are a few ways we work with you


Get access to training and resources geared towards your individual, and personal development. Get access to weekly follow up and project reviews

Collective Think & Masters


Get you-centred guidance and training. Watch your ideas turn into lyrics and gradually into songs.  Get direct support with singles and album writing

Songs in Seconds


Take your songs to the next level by recording your songs to a high standard.. Finish up your work with great vocal production, ready for distribution 

Songs on Demand


Directed guidance in modelling your learning and development to facilitate cohesive growth using my development sequence and much more

Songs on Demand Power Hour

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limited spaces available
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At Loopyvox, we provide the best music in the industry. What's critical to us is that we journey with you on the frontier of contemporary music production. Our process is to nurture your evolution; all the way to playing your song on the radio. Join our network of creatives. talented artists, musicians and songwriters, whom we've discovered and ignited their potential through our creative methods.
Music Publishing
We inspire creatives worldwide.  Get your music and creative pieces in front of our world-class talent pool. We are masters of the creative writing process, vocal performance, music recording, publishing and licensing. Loopyvox makes music publishing easier than ever before by partnering with leading music publishers and streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, Pandora etc. broadcasters, record companies and others who use music on a commercial basis. 

Syncing has become a lucrative source of royalties to young musicians and budding artists. With our expanding team of rising talents, we are continually expanding our database. Our artists' works are promoted as a professional resource for synchronization.

Our team of talents are mentored and guided to create and produce pieces especially relevant for commercial projects. We work with a network of professionals to ensure that our artists are rewarded for the use and application of their intellectual products.  
Get Recording and Sharing

To start exploring the opportunities available with our resources get in touch through our prospectives page for a licensing quote or email directly at loopyvox@mynthdegrees.co.uk

"Nurture Your

At Loopyvox, your music comes alive! Loopyvox is Mynth Degrees Brand home to musical artistry and the foundry for passionate creatives. With a distinctive and recognisable appeal, we are focused on reaching our growing audience and fans who crave the flair and coaching of J®EB. As a songwriter, musician, choir trainer and music producer with over 20 years of active experience; teaching creatives and creating opportunities for creatives to attain their potential. J®EB is known for top composition, stellar productions and pushing the envelope of creativity. With a passion for nurturing artists, we create landmark opportunities for young artists all around the globe; to develop and advance quickly in their careers. 


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Artists& Writers

"From the depths of your mind to the top of the charts!"

With our growing assemble of creatives, including writers. composers, assessors and performers, we provide a seamless front for the synergy between creators, performers and musicians. This makes Loopyvox perfect for young creatives and seasoned musicians. This collaborative synergy paves the gateway for the fusing of different flares in creating our unique sound and vibe.
​At Loopyvox, our artists and talents are connected with the resources to make the transformative process from an idea to the grand slam a supportive process. Find the connection between artists and creatives, all the way to the achievement of your passion.



Songs on Demand Power Hour

Get inspired in your songwriting process, whether you are at the lyric writing stage or the melody, and harmony composition stage, get an hour to re-energise your process and get you back on track. Power hours are a quick way to evaluate your song direction and get help in getting your songs ready for pitching to labels or A&Rs.

The Lyrics on Demand Audit

The Lyrics on Demand service is for creatives who would like their songs reviewed and get support with writing meaningful lyrics.  Each song audit is completed prior to the Lyrics on Demand audit feedback. In the feedback call, we discuss the strengths, weaknesses and improvements to make your lyrical creation a hit piece.

Songs in Seconds Coaching

In the Songs in Seconds program, we take you through the stepwise sequence to create your own hit piece. Each piece you create promotes you through the development of your writing skills. We take your development from where you are as a budding creative to building your own songwriting career. 

Songs on Demand Academy

In the Songs on Demand Academy, we work with each creative from songwriting to music distribution and publishing. We understand that the full process of music production can be daunting and believe it really shouldn't get in the way of your music creation. Go from lyrics to recording and production with the right motivation to hit the finish line strong.  

Nurture your evolution

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Getting your music ready and recorded is easier than you think. Being able to take your composition from draft to music worth streaming over and over again takes skill. Come shave off years of trial and error, then expecting "IT" to happen. In the Songs in Seconds program, you receive training and coaching; including collaborations with worldwide class talents as you progress through to releasing albums that stream, trend or is sought after by industry professionals. Songs on Demand is designed for artists ready to go straight into recording singles or album production. We believe you have the talent, now it is time to work your art to pro-quality. The Songs in Seconds Series is only for those who are ready to get results without the loss of valuable time. See you in class.



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